Wednesday, October 07, 2015
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IDE Articles
How to publish a project in Visual Studio 2010?
Visual Studio 2010 allows you to publish your web project with one click. It relies on IIS Web Deployment Tool to deploy your web applications to your IIS which can be local to you or deployed on a remote server. ... Read Full Article
VS 2010 install
VS 2010 install
Visual Studio 2010 installation steps
Installation of the Visual Studio 2010 is not overly complicated. First you need to download the Visual Studio 2010 from MSDN site maintained by Microsoft. ... Read Full Article
WPF Articles
Creating WPF application in Visual Studio 2010
WPF application can be created in Visual Studio 2010 using pretty much same steps as with the creation of ASP.NET web application. You need to select New -> Project and choose WPF project.... Read Full Article
SilverLight Articles
WCF RIA Services
WCF RIA Services
Silverlight WCF RIA services project
WCF RIA services is designed to make communication between Silverlight client application and server component seamless and easy to code. This is not a replacement for the standard WCF Service... Read Full Article
ASP.NET Articles
Creating ASP.NET app
Creating ASP.NET app
Creating ASP.NET Web Application in Visual Studio 2010
There are several types of Web Project available in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE. We are going to create an ASP.NET web project in this tutorial.... Read Full Article
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